Quiz Night March 2023
Question setters - Gerald and Ann

Quiz Night – review

Monday 6 March 2023 | News


The Quiz Night held last Saturday was a roaring success, with around 60 quizzers forming teams and competing over eight tables. The questions, provided by Gerald and assisted by Ann, were as eclectic as ever, with a mix of easy and hard questions that challenged the contestants.

However, the standard of answers was high, and all eight teams managed to score over 90 points out of a possible 125. The Bilborough Boys, in particular, stood out and emerged as the winners with a very respectable 111 points. They received a small prize for their victory.

The food, which was provided by our volunteers, was also well received by the participants. It was a great opportunity for everyone to relax, have a meal, and socialize with one another before the remaining rounds of the quiz took place.

Feedback from  the teams was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the event’s organization, food quality, and the quiz’s overall difficulty level.

“Here, here, a great night was had by all. The food was good as ever so thank you to all concerned, and it was great to see you all.”

“Great night as always tonight. Food excellent as always, questions mostly easier than usual and all scored around 100. Thank you to all concerned for the Quiz, food, raffle and organisation!”

Overall, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Gerald, Ann, the volunteers in the kitchen, and everyone who helped run the event, the Quiz Night was a fantastic success. The event’s success was also due to the participants who made up the teams and helped make it a memorable evening.

We hope that everyone had a great night and will be eager to participate in the next Quiz Night, which is scheduled for October. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event such a fun-filled and enjoyable experience.