Nature Seat

‘Sing of scented yellow broom, of lichened walls and mossy tomb, of bluebell hill and sandy lanes, of crocus field and daisy chains. Of wind-borne seeds and herbs that heal, of belfry bats and birds that wheel, of strong-limbed yews that lend their shade to ancient habitats remade. A wilderness that time forgot is transformed to a softer spot. Now visitors can sit and greet, and children play upon this seat.’

Text by Pat Ashworth, local writer, 2008

Another 2 seater seat, this time showing some of the varied flora and fauna associated with the site. Several of the plants which grow in the 4 Physick Garden beds, planted by children from Foxwood School, are carved around the seat, as well as other flowers and leaves.

On one side of the seat is a depiction of a child’s drawing of a bat with open wings. The Tower is home to a small colony of brown long-eared bats as well as some pipistrelle bats and we are very proud to be guardians of these protected mammals.