Medieval Fun Day - Barber Surgeon

Medieval Fun Day – thank you

Thursday 31 August 2023 | News


BOCTT were delighted to welcome members of the public to experience the delights of the medieval period at their recent fun day on 19th August. Joined by four re-enactors, visitors had the chance to learn all about medieval food and cooking (and sample some almond cakes and non-alcoholic spiced wine), listen to gruesome and grisly tales from the barber surgeon about medicine in the Middle Ages and play a variety of authentic board games.

There were several children’s quizzes and trails available, including a competition to count the number of bread rolls hidden around the site. There were eleven entries, with four correct answers and from the random prize draw, Thomas, aged 6, from Beeston was the recipient of his choice of a medieval themed gift.

BOCTT would like to extend its thanks to Forgotten Fare for their generous support of the event.