Village Walk – review

Sunday 25 June 2023 | News


On the evening of June 20th, a group of eager participants gathered at the Old Church Tower to embark on a gentle stroll through Bramcote to explore some local history. The tour was led by one of the charity‚Äôs newest Trustees, Gail Graham who, with a career based in the heritage sector, was well placed to provide a light touch walk and talk, shedding light on the significance of the village’s buildings and their contributions to its development.

We began our walk at Bramcote Old Church Tower, a solemn reminder of the village’s medieval past. From there, we strolled down Town Street, pausing to learn about some of the interesting architectural and historic buildings such as the alms houses on Cow Lane and the White Lion pub. Our journey continued onto St Michael’s Church, a magnificent Victorian structure that replaced its medieval predecessor. After brief stop to learn about the history of the Memorial Hall, the group continued down Chapel Lane sharing anecdotes about their memories of Bramcote and the research that some of the group had also undertaken to explore the Victorian and more recent history of the area.

Returning to Moss Drive, next to the Tower, BOCTT volunteer Richard briefly took over, sharing fascinating details about the old Bramcote Hall before its unfortunate demolition. His additional expertise added further depth to our understanding of the village’s heritage. At the end of the tour, light refreshments were served, providing an opportunity to reflect on the entertaining and informative 90-minute journey we had experienced.

Thanks to Gail, Richard, Moira and members of the Bramcote History Group for sharing their knowledge and expertise and entertaining the walk with some fascinating and, at times, unexpected insight about Bramcote and its former inhabitants!

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